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Soul Yoga offers a 200 hour RYT Teacher Training Program and Continued Education courses for current yoga teachers

Soul Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training 2021

Lead Instructor: Allison Candelaria


2021 Dates and Times

Content Block Schedule Practicum Block Schedule
January 21, 23–24 March 25, 27–28
February 4, 6–7 April 8, 10–11
February 18, 20–21 April 22, 24-25
March 4, 6–7

Participants are required to attend all seven session in order to complete the 200hr program.  Each session will meet on the following days and times:

  • Thursdays - 6 pm - 10 pm
  • Saturdays - 7 am - 4:30 pm
  • Sundays - 8 am - 4:30 pm


All participants must be approved by application. The Soul Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training is designed to generate highly qualified teachers. With an emphasis on anatomy, alignment, and effective teaching methods, students will complete the program with a comprehensive understanding of the human body in relation to asana, and the skills needed to create Vinyasa style classes that are safe, consistent, and inspiring.  Our training provides a strong foundation in traditional yoga philosophy and Eastern methodologies. Students can expect to develop into well-rounded, knowledgeable teachers with a deep appreciation for the practice and a desire to carry on the yoga tradition in the Soul community and beyond.

With over 25 years of combined teaching experience, the leaders of our training help to unlock each student’s individual potential and unique voice in their path to teaching. This training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge & personal practice. You will come away with a strong foundation in the technical, inspirational and business side of yoga that combine together to create the beginning of an exceptional yoga teacher.  In addition to the scheduled training hours, participants are required to complete 5-10 hours of homework each week.  Price includes unlimited yoga at Soul Yoga during the training, however students are required to purchase one book for a required book report and an anatomy app.

Email for additional information.

Tuition: $3000

$250 Discount if application is approved and tuition is paid in full by July 31, 2020. Payment plans are available and can be designed to the individuals needs but must be paid in full before the final date of training and have a current credit card on file with Soul Yoga. A $15 fee is charged per individual payment.

Applications can be emailed or dropped off at the studio. Once approved an initial $600 deposit must be made to secure spot in the training.

To inquire about payment plans, please email


"I highly recommend the Soul Yoga 200-HR Teacher Training. This experience was life-changing for me. Having studied 500 Hrs of Meditation Training, this course was the link that tied everything together. With almost 15 years of experience, Allison Candelaria is a Master Yoga Teacher and a leader in the field. She is not only an incredible studio teacher, [which you know if you have taken her yoga class], but she is also an amazing "teacher" of what she knows, with such a well thought-out plan and order of instruction and reinforcing what you are learning. It is rare that someone is a master at what they do, but also equally skilled in communicating and teaching that to others.You will emerge from this training with a deep knowledge of musculature and anatomy, the ability to sequence a meaningful class that is kind to the body, a deep understanding of Yogic philosophy, and a deeper understanding of yourself. And...the friendships you will make along the way will be life-ers. Studying with Allison is an opportunity and an experience that is not to be missed. Whether you are interested in teaching Yoga, or simply deepening your own practice, this training will open your eyes to things you never thought were possible on and off the mat."   - Lauree Dash

"Allison did an amazing job at weaving in all the necessary components of yoga in a way that was clear and also so challenging. The amount of anatomy I successfully took in and now can confidently use in daily life was incredible. She has an amazing way of combining classic teachings and modern life that helped me connect so much deeper not only to my own practice, but to the way yoga subconsciously leaves a little trail in our daily lives. I am so blessed to have such an amazing teacher and even though at times my head was overflowing with knowledge and I though there was no way I could actually retain so much info, at the end of it all I felt safe, and successful and courageous. It’s a challenging course for sure, but so worth every moment."   - Abigail LeBeau

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training

Instructor: Jennifer Turner


Jennifer Turner, LMHC, RYT, TCTSY-F
Director of Training
The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI

Jenn has had the honor of working with survivors of trauma for over a decade. Along with working in private practice as a trauma-informed therapist, Jenn has been leading TCTSY classes for women at the Trauma Center since 2008 where she also oversees the teaching team. She delivered the intervention and developed protocol for the first ever NIH study that examined the effects of yoga on treatment-resistant PTSD.  She leads trainings in TCTSY throughout the U.S, provides consultation to organizations on how to become more trauma sensitive and offers clinical supervision. In 2018 Jenn co-founded the Center for Trauma and Embodiment.
Pronouns: she/her/hers

2020 Dates and Times

Dates Times
Friday, May 15th

Saturday, May 16th

Sunday, May 17th

6:00pm - 10:00pm

8:00am - 10:00 am & 2:00pm - 6:00 pm

8:00am - 10:00 am & 2:00pm - 6:00 pm


Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is a unique intervention based on the robust research that has emerged from The Trauma Center in Boston, MA. It has become a leading evidence-based adjunct treatment for complex trauma (sometimes called chronic, treatment-resistant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is the only yoga-based practice accepted by SAMSHA and NREPP.

This 20-hour training (18 hours in person, 2 hours self-study) will emphasize the core components of the practice and process of trauma sensitive yoga, and how they relate to any anti-oppressive and trauma sensitive work. The training will provide specific tools to support participants to facilitate trauma-sensitive movement and breath practices that are vital to the healing process of complex trauma.

This training is designed for social workers, activists, mental health clinicians, yoga teachers, educators, and other health care professionals who are looking to deepen their understanding of the whole-system impact of complex, intersectional trauma. There are no pre-requisites to take this workshop, all are welcome.

Additionally, it is designed to support those professionals in expanding their current practice to incorporate aspects the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) through expanding their knowledge of the impacts of complex trauma on the nervous system and broadening their repertoire with trauma sensitive movement and breath.

This weekend training qualifies as the pre-requisite for application for Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga's annual certification program

Questions please contact

Tuition: $350

Early bird pricing of $325 if enrolled by April 15, 2020

CE Credits for Yoga Teachers

The Roll Model® Method Training Weekend

Instructor: Laurie Streff

RMM Products

Laurie Streff

Laurie is a movement educator and teacher trainer passionate about inspiring people to prioritize self-care. Through exploratory movement and restorative techniques, she is especially excited to share the principles of therapeutic mobility and myofascial release. Laurie is a proud ambassador of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®.

2020 Dates and Times

Dates Times
Saturday, November 7, 2020

Sunday, November 8, 2020

9:00am - 5:00 pm

9:00am - 5:00 pm


Roll Model® Therapy Balls are a soft-tissue conditioning tool that can be used as an adjunct offering within personal training, stretch, Pilates, wellness coaching, yoga, massage therapy, clinical or mental health settings, children or special populations. These on–the–go balls improve body coordination, reduce pain and improve movement. They can be used in a variety of settings; office, home, gym, clinic and yoga/Pilates studios.

Amplify your personal embodiment and learn applicable fascia science, bony landmarks, myofascial junctions, and pain physiology. Master specialized ball rolling techniques that penetrate into common high-tension areas. You will learn 6 head-to-toe series proven to affect profound change in the rotator cuff, upper back, neck, jaw, hips, lower back, IT Band, calves, and feet.

The RMM Training Weekend -

November 7 & 8, 2020 from 9am - 5pm Daily

Day 1: The Roll Model® Method: Science of Rolling: Put self-care into your own hands! This training empowers you to personally adopt highly effective self-myofascial regimens for pain-relief and improved performance. Experience 6 rolling sequences that affect profound change which you can bring back to your classrooms, clients and patients. 0.8 ACE, 0.8 NASM, 8 ACSM, 8 LT

Day 2: The Roll Model® Method: Ball Sequencing & Innovation: Explore several soft-tissue self-care solutions using the 4 different Roll Model® Therapy Balls, and learn to create innovative sequences to provide instant feedback of improved function differentiating your teaching for diverse populations. 0.7 ACE, 0.7 NASM, 7 ACSM, 8 LT

Questions please contact

Tuition: $590

Early bird pricing of $550 if enrolled by October 17, 2020

CE Credits for Yoga Teachers