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"Referred to Allison at Soul Yoga by other physicians  I wondered what I might find. Well it was a spacious yoga studio, well-maintained, and an attractive young woman with whom it was easy to speak. A no nonsense approach to the exercises, with instructions given a calm, pleasant voice that left no doubt in my mind that this teacher was a true professional. It took me six months to convince my wife, a woman who does not really like to exercise, that Allison was the one for her. We both wanted to improve balance and flexibility. We were in the right place, with the right instructor. Anne and I look forward to our sessions, and we both feel that we have made progress."

- Ed Dalton

"What I learned doing the 30 day Yoga Challenge: I loved it and found it to be an eye-opening experience.  Here are some of the lessons I learned....

First week, my body was wondering what in the world I had done. Lesson: the best thing for a sore body is another workout. Second week, I kept seeing the same people in many of my classes which was fun.  Lesson: It's fun to workout with familiar faces and it doesn't have to be people you already know.  You make new friends this way! Third week, all I thought about was which yoga class I would go to next.  Lesson:  it takes a commitment to work in exercise. Fourth week, I was feeling really good and felt more energized after doing yoga at the end of a long day of work. Lesson: even though you are tired, a good workout will revive you. Final week, I'm at the end of my challenge and am starting to figure out a way to work in more yoga into my routine after it's done. Lesson: keep going, use all this hard work to springboard consistent positive changes and make it happen by planning ahead."

- Dr. Laura Miles

"My first class at Soul Yoga was the first day of the challenge. I had taken yoga before but definitely not to this extent. Now, after completing the 30 classes, not only do I feel accomplished, but I am dedicated to what I can now call my yoga practice. I am ten pounds lighter physically, and I also feel lighter mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's not a coincidence that I laugh even more and enjoy small things in life. I think yoga has allowed my body to keep up with my spirit. I feel so STRONG. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the beginning of something wonderful for me! I LOVE the community at Soul Yoga—you guys are really great people, and I've so loved learning from you."  

- Sophie

"I really do have to thank you and all the amazing instructors for this challenge, the beauty was I got to experience each instructors class except maybe 1. I can definitely say that this has changed me, obviously physically, but I can't explain how much internally as well. I really feel like I was able to tap into my "soul" and learned to push everything thru my mat!! I now understand that my yoga practice has to be a part of me, lifelong; and is as essential as eating or sleeping!! Thank you again, it was so awesome and will continue to be!!"

- Shane

"When I started yoga, it was strictly for exercise. As I have practiced more, I have discovered that yoga has brought me a deeper awareness of myself and the world around me. Yoga makes me a better wife, mother, and friend. I am thankful that Soul Yoga has brought to OKC a beautiful space to practice together."

- Katherine

"Yoga has been amazing for me!!! After 3 back surgeries-yoga has helped me to increase my strength and flexibility to levels I never thought possible. I love Soul Yoga's classes, style and music!!! So happy to practice in a welcoming beautiful studio with great teachers and great energy."

- Debbie

"The beauty of Soul Yoga is the encouraging atmosphere. I struggled with finding the right practice for years, but I've come to love the vinyasa flow and now crave the heated classes. After only a month of weekly practice I accomplished goals that I never thought I'd be strong enough to master. Every class at Soul Yoga offers the perfect mix of enthusiasm and relaxation provided by the great music and the wonderful teachers."

- Claire